Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are animal not so deep inside.

Dear Cats!  I had a gloomy week last week and tried to chump myself up by thinking of these great cats and how they deal with PMS and other first world problems.  If these little kittlez can live on the street and be so thin and ageing, and still be sooo into helping me with my blog and providing me with love, well I guess I can get through my anxiety over flat hair and not end it all.

This one actually ran towards me when he saw us coming.  He just knew it was going to be awesome.

And it was!!!

This looks so much like he's exclaiming, and his tail is the exclamation point.

Very talkative!  As you may know, all-white cats are usually blind.  As you can see in this shot this kitty had a lot of beige designs, and had 20/20 fer shurr. 

Sometimes you just gotta sit down to really get a good petting angle.  Might as well just get right into it.  I'm sure the person whose lawn this was didn't mind us having a love-in there.  This street is called "Earnbridge", and it certainly "earned" it's title by being sooooo full of cats!  It was frankly a dream street. 

Already overcome by this ones greatness, I looked over and saw....  (stay tuned).


  1. It's impossible not to click all three with these GD cats!

  2. seriously.
    this is so great - really informative!

  3. I know right!!! They're all so many things to us!

  4. Thats my Casper-yup he talks to everyone. Just can't help himself. Not blind though. I can't believe I random tripped over your blog and saw my kitty, you made my day.

  5. That is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.

  6. Aw that is sooo wonderful that you found my blog! Please feel free to submit future pictures of Casper! He was a huge hit here. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitty with the world!