Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dos and Don'ts of Kitty Visiting.

This kitkat is as elegant as the house she sits in front of.  From my many visits to her she has begun to come closer to me and I have learned from her collar that her name is Slate. But I have yet to be permitted to pet her.  You gotta respect the rules of kitty visiting, which I have outlines below for your convenience.

The key to making nice with neighbourhood cats is that you've gotta make them come to youDon't run up and charge them, because they'll prance away faster than you can say 'sugar plums' and what's worse, they might run into the street! 

My technique is to squat, kneel or crouch at the end of the cat's walkway (servile, defenseless positions come in handy for late night solitary rambles in high-risk neighbourhoods). Then I extend my hand and make kissy noises or "shh-shh" noises.  Do not hiss or bark - this will only enrage the kitty!!!  I also find if you tell them you love them and they are beautiful angels, they will warm up to you and might walk towards you. Dragging a twig along the sidewalk in front of you to make it look like a snake is highly motivating for the cat. If they don't voluntary come to you, don't fret. You've already been blessed enough to run your googly, bloodshot eyes all over their lovely feline forms, and if you come back regularly and repeat this technique eventually even the shyest of kitkats will warm up and are often hiding a super-duper love machine beneath an aloof exterior.

Don't make negative comments about cats or compare them with each other (think of how your parents treated you and then do the opposite).
Don't lure them out of their yard. 
Don't try to pet feral cats.  These hobo-kits are cute as sin but they're really only up for being looked at, as they haven't been taught to accept human love!  Don't judge them for it!

Photo by Kalim Baker.


  1. Great blog! You go girl! These tips are crucial.

  2. you're amazing.

  3. These are excellent instructions! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I am so saddened to hear that you haven't a lovely kittie living in your home. You are welcome to visit and spend some time with our kitties whenever you wish. Although two of them are formerly near-feral and difficult to find at times.

  4. That's okay! I love difficult cats that I have to work at. Thank you for reading my blog!

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  6. i'm pretty into all types of cats.
    but feral cats are the ones i want the most, because they scowl at me.
    why don't they want our human love!?

  7. Oh I know right? I've read that if a kitten isn't touched by humans within the first month or so of their lives they will forever be not into our human love.