Thursday, July 29, 2010

Help Find Nasca!!!

It truly breaks my heart to see these signs, and I'm sorry to break the hearts of all "my readers", but I am sharing this in hopes that Nasca will be found and returned to rightful place on that Persian rug!  Please keep your eyes open in the Parkdale area and help find Nasca!

The Brave Lion


This bb showed up and made my life! 

I call her the Brave Lion, because she looked like a Lion, but she was not at all cowardly!  She came out from the bushes to see what was popping, even though she had obviously just woke up.  SOOO sleepy and doing really cute calisthenics.  Oh! But so ready to get to know Kalim and I.

Oh what a kitty! 

Look at that proud chest! 

She wasn't even afraid of this leaf!

Although she was so brave, she was a little camera shy, in that we kept trying to get a full frontal face shot, because she had the MOST AMAZING SHAPED EYES!  Maybe she was self-conscious about them, or thought that was not a flattering angle, but it was!  They were like almonds but turned almost on their side.  It was so weird looking and adorable, I nearly busted my heart with cuteness.  I draw a picture in MS Paint to try to demonstrate her eye shape. 

As you can see this is an amazing drawing, but I still don't know if I totally did her justice.  For example, you can see I got her beautiful colors wrong.  Also, she looks sort of sinister, but this angel didn't have an evil bone in her little bod. 

Love Love Love.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You are animal not so deep inside.

Dear Cats!  I had a gloomy week last week and tried to chump myself up by thinking of these great cats and how they deal with PMS and other first world problems.  If these little kittlez can live on the street and be so thin and ageing, and still be sooo into helping me with my blog and providing me with love, well I guess I can get through my anxiety over flat hair and not end it all.

This one actually ran towards me when he saw us coming.  He just knew it was going to be awesome.

And it was!!!

This looks so much like he's exclaiming, and his tail is the exclamation point.

Very talkative!  As you may know, all-white cats are usually blind.  As you can see in this shot this kitty had a lot of beige designs, and had 20/20 fer shurr. 

Sometimes you just gotta sit down to really get a good petting angle.  Might as well just get right into it.  I'm sure the person whose lawn this was didn't mind us having a love-in there.  This street is called "Earnbridge", and it certainly "earned" it's title by being sooooo full of cats!  It was frankly a dream street. 

Already overcome by this ones greatness, I looked over and saw....  (stay tuned).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Working Girl.

I am lucky enough to live steps away from a professional kitty, who lives and works at King's Milk, a convenience store near my house on the corner of King and Spencer Ave.

Let's just say this cat, who I have named Marjory (she must have another name but i'm too shy to ask - you know how i feel about humans) has helped me through some pretty dark days. She loves sleeping in empty chip boxes, and during the winter in front of her heat lamp behind the counter. At night when I stumble drunkenly past King's Milk, she's always looking out from inside her store, to make sure the hooligans don't give me no guff (i can only assume).

This Sunday she took a trip outdoors to see what life is like on the outside.

She was a little scared at first and cowered by a mailbox. 

Then she saw us and we loved it up big time!!!!  I'm not sure if the owners of the store and of Marjory like or understand my relationship with Marge. Maybe they're concerned I distract her from her work? But I pretty much spend millions of dollars there just so I can get to pet her, so they have to tolerate my cat-centric attitude.

She was so into my knee!  Oh, Marge.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Professional Kitties

Aside from guarding houses and chillin’ on porches, kitties have historically been treasured for their amazing mousing abilities.  Here’s a can-you-believe it story: my Father never cared for cats until, as a young man, he developed a horrifying mouse situation in his apartment! Along comes my Mom, a farmer’s daughter, who made him get a cat, Louie. Before he knew it he’d gained a mouseless crib, a Baby Mama and a life-long love of cats!  Cats are natural hunters. I personally hate to think of a little mouse getting ixnayed in a trap, but if cat kills mouse it’s just nature, right?  King of the Jungle, Baby!

One of the many great things about Toronto is that every Mom and Pop variety store worth its salt has a working kitty on-site!  It provides amazing cat-seeing & touching opportunities because these cats are extremely personable from years of retail experience.
YO, CHECK OUT LOTTO CAT!  He’ll guard you from the evils of gambling and promote temperance with his adorability and big soft paws, all while vanquishing pestilence* in your local convenience store!

Lotto cat says: “Don’t waste your money on lottery tickets! OLG capitalizes on the desperation of the poor that it helps to create! Pet ‘meow’ instead!!”
Photo by Kalim Baker.  This kitty lives and works at a delightful convenience store on Queen St W on the corner of West Lodge.  His owners love him very much.
* No offense to mice!

This Kitty Never Sleeps / Better Slip Him an Ambien

Yo speakin of guarding the homestead and hangin out on porches, check this debonair kitterson donning a tux just to hang out in his Secret Garden.

Look at that face!!!  You can see the intelligence shining through, making him all the more beautiful.  Great rubber things on his feet too. 

Great markings, love the symmetry!  He didn't take those eyes of emerald green off us!  BTW, the official catsofparkdale photographer, Kalim Eustace Baker, also has eyes of emerald green - they sparkle like gems whenever we come across a cute kitterson!

Wicker Park

Hey guys, it's me Ellie.  I have added a funky new function to catsofparkdale - you can now choose to leave a "reaction" to the featured cat at the bottom of the post.  Currently, you can choose to say they are either cute, nice, or beautiful, but if there are other potential reactions to the cats (sexy, soft, thinspiring?) I can add more buttons!

Speaking of buttons, look at this button-nosed bb Kalim and I saw sitting on her porch - jus enjoyin tha wicker y'all; reppin for her family; guardin her domain 24/7/365 - and what? 

She was all like, sorry Ellie I can't come down to see you, I have to maintain my position of authority over you.  Then I was like, no problem you're still hella cute.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Dos and Don'ts of Kitty Visiting.

This kitkat is as elegant as the house she sits in front of.  From my many visits to her she has begun to come closer to me and I have learned from her collar that her name is Slate. But I have yet to be permitted to pet her.  You gotta respect the rules of kitty visiting, which I have outlines below for your convenience.

The key to making nice with neighbourhood cats is that you've gotta make them come to youDon't run up and charge them, because they'll prance away faster than you can say 'sugar plums' and what's worse, they might run into the street! 

My technique is to squat, kneel or crouch at the end of the cat's walkway (servile, defenseless positions come in handy for late night solitary rambles in high-risk neighbourhoods). Then I extend my hand and make kissy noises or "shh-shh" noises.  Do not hiss or bark - this will only enrage the kitty!!!  I also find if you tell them you love them and they are beautiful angels, they will warm up to you and might walk towards you. Dragging a twig along the sidewalk in front of you to make it look like a snake is highly motivating for the cat. If they don't voluntary come to you, don't fret. You've already been blessed enough to run your googly, bloodshot eyes all over their lovely feline forms, and if you come back regularly and repeat this technique eventually even the shyest of kitkats will warm up and are often hiding a super-duper love machine beneath an aloof exterior.

Don't make negative comments about cats or compare them with each other (think of how your parents treated you and then do the opposite).
Don't lure them out of their yard. 
Don't try to pet feral cats.  These hobo-kits are cute as sin but they're really only up for being looked at, as they haven't been taught to accept human love!  Don't judge them for it!

Photo by Kalim Baker.

Through the Window.

This pic makes me sad.  I lived in a big old tumbledown Victorian mansion with my parents until I was 25 years of age.  I often felt like this. 

Don't Question my Powers!

This little black n white bb took his job of protecting his territory very seriously, so I didn’t climb the fence or scale the roof, or use any of the other great single-white-female tactics I’ve picked up on the singles’ scene.  He came up and showed off how cute he was, and seemed like he wanted to be friends, but just had to hiss at us to show his powers!  No problem, little security guard.  We’ll move along! BTW, cute beard.

Pass tha Dutchie.

Not all kitkats want to be pet by unknown humans.  We must respect that, and not push ourselves on them, even if we want so badly to touch their shiny black chubbiness AND they have those extra cute half closed 420 cat eyes.  OMG…  I liked this black one.  He felt reticent about me.

Inter-species Love

He was loving it!  It warms my iced out black heart to remember it.  I was loling irl.

What a Face.

A classic booty pop.  How high can you go?

Does this cat behaviour creep you out?  Do you think it’s oddly sexual?  Well, it’s not, you pervert!  Stop forcing your rich white male sex-negative bourgouise values on these free-love kitties!

Unfortunately the beautiful baby took it upon himself to roll on the sidewalk in a pile of dust, litter and cigarette butts.  Certainly not fit for a prince!  This is on Springhurst - a great cat-finding street, right off of my street.

Intensity in Ten Cities.

We got pretty intimate.

Photo by Kalim Baker

The Great Escape!

He slunk under the gate to get up close and personal with catsofparkdale photog Kam Eustace Baker.

Photo by Ellie Anglin.

Behind Bars

The next dear we saw was this delightful Marmalade boy (boi?).  He is from a very good home.  Well fed and collared, and friendly as all get out.

Photo by Kalim Baker.

Money Shot.

Her fur was SO soft, but I had to get some seedlings out of it.  Poor honey. Here’s a fun cat fact!  You can tell a cat is a girl if she has more than two colours!   Boy cats are only ever bi-coloured (but tabby is considered only one colour, so he can have white with tabby-ish spots).  It’s a better way to detect gender than looking at for balls.  I also support trans-cats!

Action Shot!

Don’t think I played favorites!  I loved this beautiful girl too, and we had a nice moment.  I just have a thing for intellectually “special” kitties!

Somebody get this cat a cold beer!

The best picture ever taken of beast or man.  It really shows off how special his eyes are.  Mint green, and slightly crossed and ceiling eyed!  Oh, be my forever-baby, you masterpiece in fur!  hahaha right after we took this shot he started cleaning his junk, and we quickly averted our eyes.  Everyone needs privacy.  This kitty knows how to keep clean!

“Somebody get this cat a cold beer” - Emily Schaming.

Photo by Kalim Baker. 

Jus Chillin

I hope “my readers” won’t get sick of this guy.  I’m obsessed with him.  Look how he sits like a lazy human!  I’ve gone back three times to see him since that night.  One time we had a beautiful reunion.  Last night the person who lives in the house that he seems to occupy was on the porch so I was too afraid to venture.  I love strange cats - I do not love strange humans.

Photo by Kalim Baker.

Show that tummy!

Basically, we fell in love.  In my head I was singing "Kitler rolls" to the tune of Garth Brooks' (or Chris Gains' depending on the day) "Thunder Rolls".

Photo by Kalim Baker.

Kitler and Tortie.

He had a beautiful female long-haired tortoiseshell friend!

Photo by Kalim Baker.

I encounter a cat God.

This is one of the most special cats I’ve ever met.

Photo by Kalim Baker.

Fluffy Orange Porch Cat.

Orange kitty sleeping on porch.  I wanted to touch, but I’ve learned the hard way that folks’ll still slap you with a trespassing fine even if you explain that you are a licensed cat enthusiast!  Fail.

Cats of Parkdale


My neighbourhood is one of the most beautiful places I could imagine. One reason why it is so great is because it is chock full of amazing cats! I have lived with and loved cats all my life, and now that I’ve set out on my own in the big city, I don’t have enough moolah or stability to take care of a little kitkat of my own. Not being near to cats is, for me (if I may flip the script on J.Lo) like NOT breathing. To remedy this absence I now wander my neighbourhood looking for other people’s cats to fulfill my daily kitty quota – and boy, am I in the right hood! In the summer Parkdale is canopied with lush dripping greenery and the cats flatten themselves out on the hot pavement in the sultry air trying to stay cool. It is a little piece of heaven, and I need to share it. In the snow-time I capture that special kitty-in-the-window phenomenon, and visit neighbourhood kits in their warm homes and businesses. I hope you enjoy! I never run out of pithy comments so please send pictures of the cats you see in your homes, neighbourhoods and dreams to 
Thank you to Kalim Eustace Baker for his great photography and greater company.