Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great email from a Parkdale Cat Lover.

Hi Ellie,


I'm from Parkdale, lived on Spencer St for about ten years when I was a kid and I loved it. My cat is from there too! His name is Miki. His mother was the neighbour's cat and I'm not sure but I think that they starved it because my family began to feed it, we called her Mizi. She was a gorgeous callico cat and kind of a slut because she had about two litters of kittens a year. This one year when I was six, she brought two kittens over. One was an orange tabby, that we named Tigger and the other a black and white one that we named Rosie. Well Tigger didn't like being  around us so much but Rosie loved it and basically moved in without us having much of a choice. We later found out that Rosie was in fact a boy and renamed him Miki. Full name: Miki Zorro Spencer Delic. Spencer so that he always knows his roots. We moved just to the border of Parkdale and Miki became very comfortable as a condo cat. He's the loveliest, sweetest cat in the world but has become a diva. He's always been a Parkdale cat and will continue to be. I hope you enjoyed the story and I'll attach some photos of my little king. Love your website, you've gained a fan.

All the best!

Ed's Note: 1. I love anyone who refers to their cat as "my little king".  2. More proof that Spencer Ave is the biggity-best! 3. With no further ado, here is Miki Zorro Spencer Delic, AKA "The King"

You're a King now, Miki, but you'll never forget your roots!  Are you wearing a gold chain?

Great white fluffiness and black goatee look. <3 <3 <3

Black Knight found in Parkdale(ish)

This gorgeous Raven-ette creature was found by my friend Nicole, near Dundas and Shaw, hungry as Hades and cold as an artificial nut.

He is staying with Nicole until his owners claim him or until he finds another home.  Won't you email me at if you know anything of this dear heart? 

Thank you for being a cat lover, Nicole!