Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Great email from a Parkdale Cat Lover.

Hi Ellie,


I'm from Parkdale, lived on Spencer St for about ten years when I was a kid and I loved it. My cat is from there too! His name is Miki. His mother was the neighbour's cat and I'm not sure but I think that they starved it because my family began to feed it, we called her Mizi. She was a gorgeous callico cat and kind of a slut because she had about two litters of kittens a year. This one year when I was six, she brought two kittens over. One was an orange tabby, that we named Tigger and the other a black and white one that we named Rosie. Well Tigger didn't like being  around us so much but Rosie loved it and basically moved in without us having much of a choice. We later found out that Rosie was in fact a boy and renamed him Miki. Full name: Miki Zorro Spencer Delic. Spencer so that he always knows his roots. We moved just to the border of Parkdale and Miki became very comfortable as a condo cat. He's the loveliest, sweetest cat in the world but has become a diva. He's always been a Parkdale cat and will continue to be. I hope you enjoyed the story and I'll attach some photos of my little king. Love your website, you've gained a fan.

All the best!

Ed's Note: 1. I love anyone who refers to their cat as "my little king".  2. More proof that Spencer Ave is the biggity-best! 3. With no further ado, here is Miki Zorro Spencer Delic, AKA "The King"

You're a King now, Miki, but you'll never forget your roots!  Are you wearing a gold chain?

Great white fluffiness and black goatee look. <3 <3 <3

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