Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lost Baby Near King and Jameson!

Hi Friends, 
I received this email from cat owner Greg last night: 
"Recently (Friday April 6) one of my two beloved cats somehow squeezed through a gap between my window and air conditioning unit in my apartment and I suspect jumped down and is now missing. I live on the fourth floor of a four floor low-rise right on the corner of Jameson and King. First I'm worried that he's injured and not alright. I checked all around my apartment, but it was late at night and couldn't find any trace of him (which I take as a good sign)."

If you see this sweet baby, please give Greg a call at 647-717-1877!  

Hope he gets home soon.  


  1. Hi Greg!

    I know that this post is several months old, but I was patting a cat today on Spencer Avenue near King (Across the Street from the Abbot coffee shop) and his face looks a lot like the cat in this photograph, it's hard to tell since it's a black and white photo.
    Have you found your cat yet? The cat I saw was more brown than grey, but I thought I might post in case it's a lead on finding your cat.

    The cat I saw was brown/black tabby or tortoise shell, he seemed quite small and young (not a kitten, but maybe not a full year yet). He was friendly and social, and didn't seem to like being patted on the back end (above his tail). He did not appear to be neutered. That's all the info I can think of, I hope that it helps!

    Feel free to send me an email at

  2. I hope this story had a happy ending.