Thursday, October 28, 2010

On Specialness.

Is the Cat Lady of Parkdale special just because she's gay and has Asperger's?  The answer is no.  But Hugo, pictured above, is absolutely special! Obviously the cutest specimen of kitty specialness on the planet.  And ready to be adopted from TCR!!!!  Hey guys, didja know my borthdoy's coming up? 

I think I'm in love.
Adopt Hugo here:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toronto Cat Rescue 3 - Moby!

This is Moby!!! Moby is approximately 25 pounds. The vet thinks that he may have a genetic condition which causes his body to be shaped slightly differently and to have extra weight on his large frame.
"A Few Words from Moby:
I came from a life on the streets that was so hard and tough that when I arrived in my foster home, I was extremely fearful. I never lashed out, but I chose to stay hiding in a crate for two weeks, only coming out when the people weren't around. I've come a long way since then with my foster Mom! I just love the cuddles and attention and food she gives me! I am a very docile, gentle guy who really just wants a nice home to relax in."

I just love it when cats describe themselves! Maybe I'd get more action on the personal ad tip if I described myself as "a very docile, gentle guy"!

Toronto Cat Rescue has a spaghetti cat!

Aw!!!  This is Daisy!  She had to have her fluffy coat shaved because it was so matted from living on the tough streets of Toronto - but her haircut is sooo cute!  makes her look like she's just a fluffy floating cat head.  Also she looks like spaghetti cat. 

Wanna learn more about spaghetti cat? (a beautiful union of two of my favorite things) Listen to this informative and soulful song.

Real explanation of Spaghetti Cat: During a segment of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (FOX) aired in August 2008, a still image of a cat sitting before a large plate of spaghetti was abruptly shown on screen, before the video cut back to a woman discussing binge drinking and drunk driving. Puzzled by the irrelevant nature of the footage and lack of explanation from the hosts, this on-air incident was soon featured on E!’s The Soup and subsequently spread throughout the web.

Original Spaghetti Cat Footage (as aired on the Soup, the original had no laughter!):

Toronto Cat Rescue

Every once in a while I get into a vortex of looking at cats on the Toronto Cat Rescue website.  TCR is a really great org made up of cat-loving angels who desperately need our support!  ( I like to look through the kitties trying to choose which one is the cutest.  Here are some stand-outs from today's hour and a half long visit:

This is Fergie!!!  This kit stole my heart. A face so infinitely more expressive and beautiful than Fergie from Black Eyed Peas. 
Oh, Hugo!!  what a piquant little face!  So mischievous. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

3 lovely kittens available in Parkdale!  Wish I could take one.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barn Catzzz Part Trois

We're in a fight over who's cuter so we're not talking right now.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
Some of us are just blessed with perfect genetics!
Sometimes it's hard being this beautiful, because no one takes me seriously.  I have beauty and brains, but they just think I'm a pretty face.
Such is the plight of those of us born with perfectly applied eyeliner, beautiful blond fur and a naturally pink nose
i just luv walking in de grass.
Gotta stop and smell the daisies.
I should really end this argument.  I can't resist those massive paws.
But first I gotta smell these yella flowers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

inbreeding can have magical results - barn catzzz part deux

just look at the mitts on this dashing inbred country squire!
polydactylism to the max!  Looks like at least seven pretty white fluffy toes to me! I think I'm in love!
Obviously he doesn't lack the love-muffin gene, Princess Caroline got a lot of good pats in.  Love the Phantom of the Opera Markings!
When I first opened this picture up I almost had to go home sick from work, because my aorta filled up with a high-density glucose-fructose syrup that is produced by an intense cat love, resulting from faces so honest and paws so cumbersome.  Symptoms include fluttering in the stomach, pupil dilation, and light-headedness.
"WHO GOES THERE?!?!  Oh, it's just my orange field-fellow, who you will meet in the next catsofparkdale post."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The next few entries on Cats of Parkdale will be devoted to these barn cats who were lovingly encapsulated in film by one of my best friends, Caroline Wesley. I will divide these shots by cat so we can focus on the particular beauty of each rural beebee. I can't thank Caro enough for these award-winning shots and the following beautiful words:  

Hey Cat Lover, Here is the first of two batches of barn cat shots. Use them if you like- they were taken behind a barn in Merlin, Ontario while I waited for Kathleen to pack up her shit. The little black and white one had almost been killed a few days earlier, as he was snuggled up on a combine's motor and didn't wake up too fast when Shock started it up. So he was a bit skittish...

More to come... use them if you like, but don't feel obligated... I know there are a lot of pretty kitties out there, and these ones aren't exactly urban. If we could read their thoughts, though, I bet they would be urbane. Meow, C
love how the sunshine illuminates this calico kitten's eyes

it's no wonder this cat lives in a town called "Merlin", because only wizardry could make this kit so cute.

Monday, October 18, 2010

cats fill me with poetry

Who needs photoshop when one is a MS Paint wizard?

This majestic hairless catcat was captured by Steph's iphone in front of Trinity-Bellwoods park in the loving clasp of his owner.  He had remarkably strong paws, and since he was declawed he could cling on to your finger like a leaf.  It felt so nice holding onto this baby's hand for dear life!

Excerpts from "The Wilderness" by Carl Sandburg, 1918. Thank you to Tina for the tip.

Musical feline dare deviltry in Holy Fuck's Red Lights video.

Friday, October 15, 2010

it was the way i saw wolves tracks

"it was not the hunting that led me there - it was the ice in my fur and the wind from the western mansion and the mist from the eastern lodge. it was the night's long lying."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's not just fashion - it's art.

Can you even imagine how fastidiously neat a human would have to be to reach this level of cleanliness? Imagine wearing the same black and white graphic print every day and night while roaming the streets and tromping high grasses, sleeping/rolling in gardens and feasting on mouse blood! Then to have only YOUR TONGUE to clean your perfect outfit with!  

And yet still it remains perfectly pristine, sparkling and spotless? 

People in Parkdale ask me every day, "Ellie, how DO they do it?!?!" 

Well Parkdale, my answer is that kittersons are blessed with spiky tongues that work like combs and a substance that is secreted in their saliva that acts as a natural detergent! They also a natural proclivity for cleanliness (next to Godliness! Don't forget that when you're trying to decide which animal-God to Worship!)

I have to step out on my front porch to fetch the newspaper, but first let me just slip on my floor-length black velvet cape, white silk ascot, white suede thigh-high stockings, velvet bonnet and eye masque.
you can't buy that level of style.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the greatest dancers in the cat world

The feral Baryshnikov of Brockton

Uh oh!  Baryshnikov of Brockton ran into the Michael Jackson of Brockton!Look at those twinkle-toes!
DAMN!  Looks like Jackson won the dance-off with Baryshnikov by default! Bary ain't even gonna step to MJ!  Forfeit! Blowing the lid off the dance world one cat battle at a time.

Maybe dat kitty ain't da best dancer, but he definitely wins the award for most lithe beauty.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

feelin' groovy

wish i could go roll around in the grass with this free lovin' hippy kitty. mama's hurtin' from her hard living.

don't take mescaline and try to fly, sweetie! 
the face that launched a thousand peace marches.  i totally wouldn't do war with vietnam if this beauty told me too.

Monday, October 4, 2010

a prison of your own devise

As Steph and I strolled down Mechanic Avenue, we heard the tinkling of a neck bell, and this orange-eyed baby pranced up to say hello.  He was a real lover.
It is imperative to sniff old pieces of gum on the sidewalk, just to make sure they're not catnip, Temptations, or a squirrel.
He then entered this prison of his own devise, in order to gain the upper-hand in our heavy-petting session.

This jailbird loved to love.

He took time to smell the wheat sheaves.

i love you i love you i love you.

It looks like I was admonishing kitty, but I was just offering my finger for inspection.

What a great encounter!  Mechanic Ave is where it's at.