Monday, July 19, 2010

Cats of Parkdale


My neighbourhood is one of the most beautiful places I could imagine. One reason why it is so great is because it is chock full of amazing cats! I have lived with and loved cats all my life, and now that I’ve set out on my own in the big city, I don’t have enough moolah or stability to take care of a little kitkat of my own. Not being near to cats is, for me (if I may flip the script on J.Lo) like NOT breathing. To remedy this absence I now wander my neighbourhood looking for other people’s cats to fulfill my daily kitty quota – and boy, am I in the right hood! In the summer Parkdale is canopied with lush dripping greenery and the cats flatten themselves out on the hot pavement in the sultry air trying to stay cool. It is a little piece of heaven, and I need to share it. In the snow-time I capture that special kitty-in-the-window phenomenon, and visit neighbourhood kits in their warm homes and businesses. I hope you enjoy! I never run out of pithy comments so please send pictures of the cats you see in your homes, neighbourhoods and dreams to 
Thank you to Kalim Eustace Baker for his great photography and greater company.

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