Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Professional Kitties

Aside from guarding houses and chillin’ on porches, kitties have historically been treasured for their amazing mousing abilities.  Here’s a can-you-believe it story: my Father never cared for cats until, as a young man, he developed a horrifying mouse situation in his apartment! Along comes my Mom, a farmer’s daughter, who made him get a cat, Louie. Before he knew it he’d gained a mouseless crib, a Baby Mama and a life-long love of cats!  Cats are natural hunters. I personally hate to think of a little mouse getting ixnayed in a trap, but if cat kills mouse it’s just nature, right?  King of the Jungle, Baby!

One of the many great things about Toronto is that every Mom and Pop variety store worth its salt has a working kitty on-site!  It provides amazing cat-seeing & touching opportunities because these cats are extremely personable from years of retail experience.
YO, CHECK OUT LOTTO CAT!  He’ll guard you from the evils of gambling and promote temperance with his adorability and big soft paws, all while vanquishing pestilence* in your local convenience store!

Lotto cat says: “Don’t waste your money on lottery tickets! OLG capitalizes on the desperation of the poor that it helps to create! Pet ‘meow’ instead!!”
Photo by Kalim Baker.  This kitty lives and works at a delightful convenience store on Queen St W on the corner of West Lodge.  His owners love him very much.
* No offense to mice!


  1. but i just won 100$ on bingo!
    lotto cat, what do i do?

  2. Lotto cat sez: "Congratulations! You have beat the system! Now just make sure you don't spend all that money on more tickets, and you'll come out ahead! But also, it's okay to gamble once in a while as long as it doesn't CONSUME YOU! Mew."

  3. thanks, lotto cat.
    you totally made a difference in my future choices.
    you're my favourite customer.

  4. This is a nice post. Thanks for sharing the personal anecdote about how your Dad learned to love kitties!