Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wicker Park

Hey guys, it's me Ellie.  I have added a funky new function to catsofparkdale - you can now choose to leave a "reaction" to the featured cat at the bottom of the post.  Currently, you can choose to say they are either cute, nice, or beautiful, but if there are other potential reactions to the cats (sexy, soft, thinspiring?) I can add more buttons!

Speaking of buttons, look at this button-nosed bb Kalim and I saw sitting on her porch - jus enjoyin tha wicker y'all; reppin for her family; guardin her domain 24/7/365 - and what? 

She was all like, sorry Ellie I can't come down to see you, I have to maintain my position of authority over you.  Then I was like, no problem you're still hella cute.  


  1. i like the new funktion. i press all three when i react to you.

  2. Wicker Park!.......LMAO!