Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Brave Lion


This bb showed up and made my life! 

I call her the Brave Lion, because she looked like a Lion, but she was not at all cowardly!  She came out from the bushes to see what was popping, even though she had obviously just woke up.  SOOO sleepy and doing really cute calisthenics.  Oh! But so ready to get to know Kalim and I.

Oh what a kitty! 

Look at that proud chest! 

She wasn't even afraid of this leaf!

Although she was so brave, she was a little camera shy, in that we kept trying to get a full frontal face shot, because she had the MOST AMAZING SHAPED EYES!  Maybe she was self-conscious about them, or thought that was not a flattering angle, but it was!  They were like almonds but turned almost on their side.  It was so weird looking and adorable, I nearly busted my heart with cuteness.  I draw a picture in MS Paint to try to demonstrate her eye shape. 

As you can see this is an amazing drawing, but I still don't know if I totally did her justice.  For example, you can see I got her beautiful colors wrong.  Also, she looks sort of sinister, but this angel didn't have an evil bone in her little bod. 

Love Love Love.


  1. How about catisthenics? Uh oh. I'm turning into my dad, one little comment at a time.

    PS I wish you could come meet some of the cats in my neighbourhood. When you come out west, we can plan an East Van cat tour slash pub crawl.

  2. Oh yes, Mono. Never stop punning, and I can't wait to visit the Cats of East Van!

  3. hey, my neighbor told me about your blog! this is Monster, he's my cat! and he really is an angel.