Monday, August 9, 2010

Cats of Parkdale - Kingston Edition.

My dear sister Emmy just moved home after a few years living in the fair towne of Kingston.  My friends Meagan, Eric, Ellie and I visited to say bon voyage to K-town with her, and while we were at it, we visited some great local cats.

This beautiful kitty said hi to us in Emmy's parking lot as we were leaving for the day.  Landlord Wayne "the Stain" and his hobo friend commented on how sweet she was, but how she didn't like to be picked up.  But who would like to be picked up by weird strangers in weird parking lots.  Cats and ladies have a real cross to bear in that respect.

We took the ferry to Wolfe Island, and there were a few indicators that this was a cat-loving island.

But most of the kitties were half wild and hard to capture on film.  This one let us get a good shot of his paws, but wouldn't let us touch.

Photos by dear friend Eric Akaoka. 


  1. Somebody get that table cat some milk, stat.

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