Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th Kitchener Waterloo Edition.

With my hectic lifestyle as princess and CEO of Parkdale, and Kalim's packed schedule of doing God's work saving lives at St Joe's, it's been hard to find the time to stroll around tha neighbourhood checking out cats.  This leaves me with no other option than to give catsofparkdale readers an exclusive, behind the scenes, insider sneak peek at the home life of catsofparkdale photographer Kalim Baker.

Kalim and I both originate from Waterloo county, and boy does that county value pet care above all else!  Kalim headed back to K-W last weekend to visit his folks, who have adopted a million pets since Kam flew the coop.  Recently, they added Oliver, a kitten no bigger than a can of coke that they found in a parking lot in Hamilton and couldn't resist.  The other pets, Thomas, Ricco and Ezzer just love him!  Big dog Ricco has been carrying him around in his fearsome jaws as tenderly as an immaculately concieved mother!

Here's Oliver!
Thomas and Oliver share from the same bowl (of milk?).  Too bad most cats are lactose intolerant and even though they love milk it's not very good for them.  Vicious cat myths exposed!! I feel like a jerk.

Tommy's drunk as f@&! and Oliver's cute. 

Ricco and Oliver posing for the "All Mammals Get Along" charity calendar 2010.

They love each other.  Out of control cuteness.


  1. oh i really love the waterloo edition.
    oliver makes me scream!

  2. Where is the out of control cuteness button. Press press press.