Monday, August 23, 2010

Cats of Parkdale, Mary Street Edition - Part One.

Although I reside in Parkdale now and fo lyfe, I was raised in a lil hamlet called Waterloo on a lil tree-lined street called Mary.  There I lived with many cats since the age of four: over the years Puss, Cookie, Shirley, Mini, Betty and Brenda filled 203 Mary Street with love and cat hair.

There have also been great neighbouring cats.  One of the more recent additions to Mary Street is Fella, and he lives with my favorite family not just on Mary Street but in the world, who live across the street at 202 Mary. 

I think Fella is the handsomest cat I've ever seen. He gets along great with our cat Brenda and is an arch-nemesis of my cat Betty.

Just look at that face and try to resist.

He loves to sit at the dining room table.  Great vintage chairs thrift shopped by Jacqui Smyth, my soul sister.

He is of the tribe of tiger.

He is extremely loving.

He likes to lick my hand with his rough tongue.
See what I'm sayin?

He's also a great hunter and kicked the ass of a catnip toy my Mom made for him.

Look at his great smile!!!!

After this nice visit, Jacqui sent me home with these beautiful vintage salt and pepper shakers.  Thanks J!!

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  1. oh he is definitely from the tribe of tiger.
    what a beauty.
    fella and i have had 2 love-ins now.
    i can't wait for the 3rd.