Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cat of Parkdale - 69 Inwood Crescent Edition

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting two new black brother kittens who are owned by my best friend Meagan's sister Bronwyn.  Their names are Ruppert and Bollo.

I was really distracted by their cuteness and failed to get pictures that did them justice, but it was an exceptionally wonderful encounter - especially because i believe they are reincarnations of the Snyder family's dearly departed cats, Ritz and Spatz.  I love ghostly kitkats, and when you look at these pix, so will yoOoOoooouU!!

Oh.... hello!  My name is Ruppert (or Bollo - still trying to differentiate).  What a debonaire dandy.

When cats sit like this we call it a "loaf".  This is a mini-Bollo-loaf, with adorable petite haunches.

Oh Brother where art thou?

They were so squirelly that it was hard to capture their cuteness, but this is Bollo.  He has white whiskers on one cheek and black on the other, and a little white beard.  Not too shabby.

This is Bollo kicking the shorts out of the cord that hangs off of my camera.  The cord learned its lesson.

Rowr!  Mighty talons and fangs!

Bollo with Emmy.
I believe this is Ruppert.  He's the older, more mature brother if my cat senses are correct.  Very lovey-dovey.

The height of his maturity is matched only by the length of his tail.  Damn, that's a long tail!  I wonder if he will grow into it or he will just break the Guinness Record for longest cat tail?  Only time will tell...

See what I mean?  They should change his name to Ruppert "Long Tail" Snyder!  Somebody get the Guinness Records people on the horn.

Bollo's comparitively short tail.  I wonder if he has tail envy of his bro's long-ass tail?  Nah, that's some Freudian shit right thurr.  Bollo don't play that.


  1. Awwww........not as cute as Oliver n Tomasz tho......mreeeoww......

  2. hahahah kitten warz! Wrowr it's meee!!!

  3. Bolo don't play that! Awwwwyeeah!

  4. rupert (after rupert giles of buffy) gets more gigantic everyday, yet his tail is still unnaturally long! it's hard to believe that bollo (after bollo from the mighty boosh) will ever catch up! amazing that they're from the same litter. rupert can be a total suck, but not like bollo, especially once he's comfortable with you! he's a major force-petter, just sort of leaning against you and moving around haha. they're big into wrestling and cleaning each other (often it seems like they can't decide which to do...), but it tends to be bollo who's more protective and big-brother-y, surprisingly! (*looove*) (...... *obsessionnn*)

  5. Awww!!! they're so cute! I love the bbs.