Friday, August 13, 2010

Cats in Costume.

A dear anonymous reader directed me to this amazing article at the Gothamist about a Cat Fashion Show at the Algonquin Hotel.

Now, to be honest, I'm not a huge fan of dressing up cats because I don't think they like it, and I don't think they care how cute and funny they look in little superhero/jailbird/princess outfits.  And even though they're smaller than us and we can do what we want to them, they rely on us to respect their boundaries! 

HOWEVER, this event was for a good cause, and they obvi love their kits, and since these people have already dressed up these cats and I can't do anything to stop them now, let's just enjoy the cuteness of these fantastic little pageant kits!!!

Marilyn Monroe cat.  Not surprised this classic cat beauty was chosen to rep one of the greatest beauts of the 20th cent.  Look at that face!

I'm not sure if this Carmen Miranda kitty is sleeping or trying to escape her reality.  Reminds me of my last art therapy session. 

"Raggedy Ann Cat, I want you to make a pinch-pot and tell me the things that scare you."

Are you dissociating yet, hairless smoking jacket and daisy chain kitty? I am!

Suffering in Solidarity,
Cat Lady of Parkdale.  



    audrey really enjoyed her bat ears.

  2. stupefying.
    ps- i love the cat lady of parkdale