Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toronto Cat Rescue has a spaghetti cat!

Aw!!!  This is Daisy!  She had to have her fluffy coat shaved because it was so matted from living on the tough streets of Toronto - but her haircut is sooo cute!  makes her look like she's just a fluffy floating cat head.  Also she looks like spaghetti cat. 

Wanna learn more about spaghetti cat? (a beautiful union of two of my favorite things) Listen to this informative and soulful song.

Real explanation of Spaghetti Cat: During a segment of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet (FOX) aired in August 2008, a still image of a cat sitting before a large plate of spaghetti was abruptly shown on screen, before the video cut back to a woman discussing binge drinking and drunk driving. Puzzled by the irrelevant nature of the footage and lack of explanation from the hosts, this on-air incident was soon featured on E!’s The Soup and subsequently spread throughout the web.

Original Spaghetti Cat Footage (as aired on the Soup, the original had no laughter!):

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