Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The next few entries on Cats of Parkdale will be devoted to these barn cats who were lovingly encapsulated in film by one of my best friends, Caroline Wesley. I will divide these shots by cat so we can focus on the particular beauty of each rural beebee. I can't thank Caro enough for these award-winning shots and the following beautiful words:  

Hey Cat Lover, Here is the first of two batches of barn cat shots. Use them if you like- they were taken behind a barn in Merlin, Ontario while I waited for Kathleen to pack up her shit. The little black and white one had almost been killed a few days earlier, as he was snuggled up on a combine's motor and didn't wake up too fast when Shock started it up. So he was a bit skittish...

More to come... use them if you like, but don't feel obligated... I know there are a lot of pretty kitties out there, and these ones aren't exactly urban. If we could read their thoughts, though, I bet they would be urbane. Meow, C
love how the sunshine illuminates this calico kitten's eyes

it's no wonder this cat lives in a town called "Merlin", because only wizardry could make this kit so cute.