Wednesday, October 20, 2010

inbreeding can have magical results - barn catzzz part deux

just look at the mitts on this dashing inbred country squire!
polydactylism to the max!  Looks like at least seven pretty white fluffy toes to me! I think I'm in love!
Obviously he doesn't lack the love-muffin gene, Princess Caroline got a lot of good pats in.  Love the Phantom of the Opera Markings!
When I first opened this picture up I almost had to go home sick from work, because my aorta filled up with a high-density glucose-fructose syrup that is produced by an intense cat love, resulting from faces so honest and paws so cumbersome.  Symptoms include fluttering in the stomach, pupil dilation, and light-headedness.
"WHO GOES THERE?!?!  Oh, it's just my orange field-fellow, who you will meet in the next catsofparkdale post."

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