Monday, October 18, 2010

cats fill me with poetry

Who needs photoshop when one is a MS Paint wizard?

This majestic hairless catcat was captured by Steph's iphone in front of Trinity-Bellwoods park in the loving clasp of his owner.  He had remarkably strong paws, and since he was declawed he could cling on to your finger like a leaf.  It felt so nice holding onto this baby's hand for dear life!

Excerpts from "The Wilderness" by Carl Sandburg, 1918. Thank you to Tina for the tip.


  1. Our old landlord from when we lived on Erb Street had one of these cats, and it hopped on my lap when we were signing the lease.

  2. AW!!! Do you mean Terry Good owned a hairless cat, or was it that Bianca (or whateva) chick?