Thursday, October 14, 2010

it's not just fashion - it's art.

Can you even imagine how fastidiously neat a human would have to be to reach this level of cleanliness? Imagine wearing the same black and white graphic print every day and night while roaming the streets and tromping high grasses, sleeping/rolling in gardens and feasting on mouse blood! Then to have only YOUR TONGUE to clean your perfect outfit with!  

And yet still it remains perfectly pristine, sparkling and spotless? 

People in Parkdale ask me every day, "Ellie, how DO they do it?!?!" 

Well Parkdale, my answer is that kittersons are blessed with spiky tongues that work like combs and a substance that is secreted in their saliva that acts as a natural detergent! They also a natural proclivity for cleanliness (next to Godliness! Don't forget that when you're trying to decide which animal-God to Worship!)

I have to step out on my front porch to fetch the newspaper, but first let me just slip on my floor-length black velvet cape, white silk ascot, white suede thigh-high stockings, velvet bonnet and eye masque.
you can't buy that level of style.

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