Monday, January 31, 2011

Cat encounters from Hafnarfjörður to Harlem

A very special friend of mine, Amy Borkwood, has been everywhere from here to Zaire.

God bless her little soul, she's captured some beautiful moments for us, my readers!

In 2010 our Amy traveled to the most beautiful country of Iceland.  While I don't usually post non-kitty pics, I am including these gorgeous landscape pictures of Iceland that Amy took, so you can get an idea of the typical Icelandic kittens natural habitat.

Some places where cat ladies of Iceland live.
Glacier carved mountains / sheep trails.

there are cities with buildings out of children's books / where people settle, there are guardians to protect them.  This one is determined to receive love from the comely traveler.

Mission accomplished /  Oh, who is this?
A slumberous casper cat pads towards her / a beacon on the grassy knoll is accessorized in red string.
Lean into it / jerk smirkin' kitty cat. 

If the cats of Iceland are made of cotton wool, sea glass and an implicit faith in a dream like nether-world filled with faeries and elves, then the cats of New York City are made of coffee, cinder blocks and an impending sense of dread about their own mortality.  But they're equally as cute!

It's a New York state of mind for this contemplative New York City Kitty. 
But even when you're a sophisticated urban cat, sometimes you still gotta roll on the pavement.
Thanks so much, Amy, for sharing these with us, and thank you to kit-loving model Georgia Webber for making the last shot possible.

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