Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Adventures of Erin Oh in Cat Land

I know an enchanting young damsel by the name of Erin Oh, who spent the winter soulstice traversing the lands far and wide.  On her journey she came across a variety of cat friends.

I love cat friends of friends.  May I present to you:

LEO - a postmodern love story in three acts.
A tale/tail of courtly love, and the triumph of the spirit over adversity
of intrigue, passion and wheat coloured fur.

Buy a round for me and I'll tell you the tale of the trials and triumphs of Leo, a cream makeral tabby from the mean streets of Pittsburgh. From his devestatingly dark days at the Pittsburgh humane society and cruel owners who "just didn't want him anymore", to the dazzling high life he now leads in the home of Erin's mom, spending his days reclining resplendent on crocheted orange pillows that perfectly complement his fluff, and... of course, that heady day that he met her...  


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  1. ellie! i'm only seeing this now for the first time!!! love you. erin