Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Adventures of Erin Oh in Cat Land - Part Deux

Cricket and Otto, The Lords of Polish Hill (Pittsburgh) surveying their domain.  

If those aren't the faces of natural aristocracy then my name isn't Anglin.

Stray angels outside a house on Cornelia Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  "Let us in, it's cold outside!"
Subaroo Cornelia, pictured here with my friend Margarita, now lives indoors in Bushwick.  His loving owners found him under (aptly) a Subaru on Cornelia Street, and he was all gray from being a hobo.  But as you can see he's certainly stepped up in the world, and spends his day in blanketed splendor, reveling in the pristine cleanliness of his fur, and inspiring Margarita to draw map tattoos. 

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