Friday, March 4, 2011


I have a friend named Steph.  Without Steph this blog would pretty much not happen.  She taught me how to use blogger, did the amazing Cats of Parkdale design, and took probably 50% of the pictures I've posted here.  She is also constantly big-upping my blog to all her VIP friends.  I love Steph - and Steph is going away.  She has recently gotten an incredible job on the other side of the country, and she and her newly acquired chihuahua puppy Friday are relocating to beautiful Vancouver to begin their meteoric rise to fame and success.

So on this gray Friday I am sad to say goodbye to two great friends, but happy to share their beautiful visages with my readers. 

Hi I'm Friday!  In this picture I was really new and my mom made me model for photog Chris Assandtitties!

I have an inverted cross on my chest!  In this picture I am considering whether or not this is because I am the second coming of Christ. 
It is convenient that I have this marking because my mom is a big fan of crosses and crucifixes.
Mama Steph and I have a pretty good thing going.

I'm so small I can be ferried around Parkdale in the pocket of a Filson jacket!  That's some quality workmanship. 
I need to sleep deeply because when I am awake I am always going BUCK.
Some of you might be wondering what I am doing on a cat blog, so I just want to show you how much I love my cousin, Lexy (seen here on the lap of Steph-sister Lindsay).  To see more of lovely Lexy, stay tuned! She'll have her own post in the coming weeks. 

Frankly, Lexy wasn't impressed when I destroyed her new toy.  I just can't help being bad!

Fri-Fri and Steph, you will be missed. 

Happy Friday, peeps.

(Fancy fotos by metalhead and dog fan Chris Assandtitties.)


  1. Filson jacket and cap looks great on you

  2. I hate you bitch with that cunt licking ''dog'' of yours, GET A LIFE AND DONT TALK FOR THE DOG YOU BRAINDEAD P.O.S.