Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Handle a Cat (originally published 1928)

In handling the cat be sure to do it in the way she likes. Never stroke her fur the wrong way.

"Be sure also that your cat has a warm place to sleep at night. Do not turn her out-of-doors. Leaving out of question the comfort of the cats themselves, it is a nuisance in any neighborhood to hear them crying or fighting by night. Many invalids and tired persons needing sleep are kept awake by this noise, for which those who own the cats are responsible."

"A box filled with newspapers, or a soft cushion with a cover that can be removed and washed (as a cat likes a clean bed), or, if in the country, a box filled with hay, will make a comfortable bed."

"A cat should never be punished, for she will not understand."

"Cats become very intelligent under the influence of kindness, and develop an understanding of language which is quite surprising. If you wish to develop this intelligence, you must act so that your cat will trust you. Always be kind and gentle, not gentle one day and rough the next."


  1. In what gem of a book(let) did you find the 1928 instructions for handling a cat?

    This is just purrrrfect !

  2. My great friend Bridey sent me this link:

    You can tell that a true cat lover wrote this!