Thursday, March 17, 2011

Small Wild Cats Heal Wounds

Dearest readers, I'm sorry I've been remiss in writing.  I am busy, creatively blocked and sadly lacking in Parkdale cat pictures.

Last night I had a dream that a lion cub and mother came into my father's mansion on the hill.  In that instance I was afraid of the cats, but in the following instances these cats are making everything better by existing.
Would that face hurt a soul?

Oh hey guys, it's me, an Andean Mountain Cat.  I'm just clinging to this rocky surface, giving a steady glare to the wild.  I survive on my wits, claws, and fluffy raccoon tail that helps me look bigger to prey (but little do they know I'm very petite)!  And my paws are so fluffed out it's not even funny.

I am the classically glamorous Margay.  Look at the eye-liner!  Eat your heart out, Gaga!
The Pallas' Cat has always been my favorite small wild cat.  They have extremely expressive faces that make them look like they're always saying "who... me???" and the picture above convinces me that the Gods have magic and poetry at their fingertips. 
Two Libyan Cats in Palestine!  Honestly, what can I say here?  These sweeties look like cartoon cats!  Look at the smile and close-set eyes on the left most angel! And look at the expressive paw ("hey!") on the righter one!  If these two sibs can't bring peace to the middle east i don't know what can.

The smallest cat species in the world, weighing between 2.4 and 3.5 pounds, the rusty-spotted cat (i could have thought of a better name) lives in forests, grasslands and rocky areas of India and Sri Lanka.  The rusty-spotted cat has a reputation for being very ferocious and has been known to attack much larger prey. Watch out!

Look at the expression on this beautiful Asiatic Golden Cat!  He's like "take my wife.... please!"

Oh Pampas Cat - you're wild and free like me!!!

Black footed cat, from Southern Africa

I wish the Toronto Government would finally overturn Prop 9 so I could at last get married to this beautiful Pallas Cat!
Thank you so much Amy Egerdeen for inspiring this post and giving me some beautiful subjects to make my day.


  1. Cat lady contest! What would you rename the rusty-spotted cat if you could?

  2. The Pallas Cat looks a bit like the wonderful Gizmo on the Toronto Cat Rescue website, only Gizmo's black with supermoon eyes. I hope someone adopts that poor little beauty:

  3. Why is there no gambling on the savanna?
    Because there are too many cheetahs!

  4. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"

    I would call the rusty-spotted cat "Chocolate Chip Cookie Cat", because that what I'm eating now and I like the alliteration. Also, he obviously has chocolate chips smeared on his back.

  5. Okay, I've thought long and hard about this challenge:

  6. Where do tuxedo cats come from? I think mine's got stripes, but they're black on black (or chocolate brown, in the sun)