Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cats of New Orleans

I love Toronto, you know?  But there's one city that I love even more, and that's New Orleans!  I've only been once but I'm hoping to go back this year.  It's pretty much the best place that ever happened.  God bless NOLA.

My dear friend Tina recently went to the city that care forgot, and captured some gorgeous NOLA cats for me and you to love looking at!  

This selection of silvery sweet hearts live under the ferry terminal in New Orleans. This front-most one seems to be the leader of the pack.

It's hard out there for a wharf kitty, so it's nice that there's a cat lady/gentleman looking out for them and giving them giant bowls of dry food.  

As one New Orleanean said, "dans la nuit, tout les chats son gris"  Look at the twin loaves on the left!

Hope these guys are doing okay under the wharf.  It seems as though no one looks out for New Orleans, not even for their darling grey strays.