Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Queen of King and Dufferin

There is a little lion-ette who resides in a dwelling near King and Dufferin, one of the most fearsome parts of Parkdale.  She's brave as a bear with a heart rare and true.  Her name is Bowie, and she has a beautiful little face sparkling with intelligence and a magnificent coat of golden brown fluff.

shortly after Bowie entered the world she began her rule with the heart of a child

at one year she reigns majestic over the misfitted and abnormal that populate this particular corner of Parkdale

She takes her watch seriously, making sure the marginalized are treated with dignity and humanity.

The little Empress. 

The tilt of this strange nation and the will to remain for the duration, waving the flag, feeling it drag

Even great rulers need to slumber in the sunlight on their mother's paw. 

Bowie pays homage to Klimt

As one of the people of king and dufferin that Bowie protects, I look at that face and feel safe.

thank you to dear friend and loving Queen mother, Hilary.


  1. that cat has good posture

  2. I wasn't aware that my room was now on the internet. Cool.

  3. This cat is a serious cutie. Trust me. I have personally locked her into my room at night so she can perhaps cuddle me, but to no avail. She's the definition of an unfriendly hottie.

    Even though this blog seems to not be keeping up-to-date, I still appreciate that it exists. The collection of cats you have on here, and the supplemental images help me get my internet cat fix (local, too!). I also appreciate the commentary on the photos, the building up of Bowie as being so regal, because she is. I find myself thoroughly entertained at the musings on Marigold's majestic persona and look.

    Fun fact: Bowie actually got lost in Parkdale a while back, and suvived, somehow. Hooray!

    One of these pictures may or may not be a picture of my room, also.

    More cats, please!