Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get ready for your heart to throw up.

What could be better than babes and kittens?????

Two lovely Parkdalian ladies had a kitten party one day and I have usurped the photo-documentation, so you can puke love from your heart like I did when I saw these pics!

Kerry, the tattooed babe holding the brown guy owns an amazing store called The Future of Frances Watson. If you want to be steezy in Parkdale, you've gotta go there!

Christy, the left-most babe with the orange angel is the owner of the teen mum who birthed these babies. You can watch this gorgeous orange kitten become and adult angel at her adorablog My Catty Blog.

Brown and marmelade viciously attack a snake!  That plastic snake is shaking in it's boots (from cuteness).

Destroying this dastardly snake requires immense concentration in the form of forward-downward ear pointing and oversized fluffy paw smack downs.

Heart of a killer with the face of innocence.

Oooh what is this thread doing to my head?  I better stare at it with my Precious Moments eyes!
Inspection of a human knee.  Love the nose colouring!
Introspection.  The escapade with the snake lead this brown guy to ruminate on the concept of Original Sin. Deep thoughts, guys!
Oooh, what's that? A hand? Maybe it will pet me!

Can't thank you babes enough for this.  Parkdale makes the cutest kittens!  I've posted a lot of cute cats on this blog, and I do think all cats are incredibly cute, but I have to say in my expert opinion, this is the cutest kitten I've ever seen.


  1. get ready for your hear to throw up!.....so precioustown........

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  3. "The escapade with the snake lead this brown guy to ruminate on the concept of Original Sin. Deep thoughts, guys!"

    eleanor, i totally understand that little fella!
    and nothing beats a babe with a cat.

  4. I know Sarah! I can tell by looking into those mint green eyes that you two were kindred spirits.

  5. I can't stop looking at my own blog post! I think this has gotta be the cutest cat I've ever posted here.

  6. Hey,thanks for posting about my angel beasts!

  7. Please make a hilarious button CUTE CUTE CUTE xoxoxo