Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kevin Steele captures Window Cat!

A new blog-friend, Kevin Steele, who shares my weird interests, captured these beautiful photos of window kitty from West Queen West, seen formerly on Cats of Parkdale here and here.  These were taken in 2008!  She's been sitting in that window for years!  Oh, to be a cat.

 I would love to know more about this cat, such as what is she selling?  Whatever it is, I'm buying.

I think her job is to be cute and lovey dovey with passers-by! She's workin' it. Hard.
I think she may have posed for Vermeer in a past life. I just gotta scratch that chin!!  

Thank you so much to Kevin for these great pictures.  If you want to check out other artfully taken photos of Queen West with an emphasis on the cats of Queen West, visit his blog, Kevin Steele Land

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