Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cat-Teenage Rebellion

Yeah, I'm a bad a$$ teenage cat who chooses to chill beside a cinder block! WHY? Because I'm a mutha' fuckin badass catty, that's why!

My Portugese mom says I shouldn't smoke nip and sit on planks of wood on top of old air conditioners - but do I listen to my old lady?!  HELL NO! I smoke so much nip even my claws are blunt!  And I represent this cinder block because I am the streets.  

I show no mercy.  I give mad cattitude to the perps that pass my palace.

Everyday I need an ounce and a half! The only cat you know with a bounce and a half! 
Ay yo, I smoke like a chiminey!

(Aww, we all know he's a little home-baby mama's boy with that face.  He'd never take drugs or fight, he just wants to impress the teenage girl cats in his area code. I also think he might be a she, in which case this is the long-awaited cat-action sequel to Set it Off starring Queen Latifah)

I love gangster kitties, especially on the mean streets of Parkdale.  So good to be back home in Parkdale after a long stretch in Kitchener-Waterloo.  Thanks to Steph for holding down the cat blogging fort while I was away.

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