Friday, January 28, 2011

Feline Focus Part 1, an Interview with Audrey

Cat Lady of Parkdale (CLoP): Hi Audrey, and thank you for being the first kitty to take part in the Cats of Parkdale Feline Focus.  A series where we dig deep to get an inside look at the lives, loves and longings of some of the most beautiful and fascinating cats on the planet.  Welcome to Feline Focus

"Who, me?"

Audrey (A): Thank you, Cat Lady of Parkdale, and may I say, Waterloo just isn't the same without you.  My dear mothers Schmalz and the many members of my chosen family miss your drunken presence. 

Mother Linsday
Mama Hayley
Aunt Paris
Cousin Phil

Unky Sean
Pastor Jeremy
CLoP:  That means a lot coming from you Audrey, since I know you have your paw on the pulse of the Waterloo social scene, and that you would never say it if it wasn't deeply, deeply true. Now I'm just going to dive right in to the really heavy-hitting issues.  Tell me about it all from the beginning. Tell me the Audrey journey.

A: Well, like anyone's childhood, mine had its ups and downs. Yes, I have a great family, but people think that just because I was blessed with perfect looks that it's all been smooth sailing for me. Actually, I've had some hard knocks.  Luckily the rough times have only made me stronger and the only one who can judge me is above me (unfortunately that proverb doesn't really work in my case since everybody's above me, but you know what I mean.)

"Being so small in a big world is frightening"
"Sometimes you feel as though you're at the end of your tether"

"so often you are infantilized"

"There were definitely some big traumas..." 

"After I lost my brother things got really dark"
"I dabbled in drugs..."
"I was exhausted"  

"the paparazzi caught some moments that I'd rather forget"
"I lashed out at the kitties who care about me most"
"But living life in the fast lane eventually catches up to you."
"I took time to do a lot of soul searching - to learn how to live my truth."
"I came out of the closet, into the light, and onto some shelves."
CLoP: Wow Audrey, thank you so much for sharing those harrowing memories with us all.  For some reason your story really resonates with me personally.  What is your life like these days? 

"Well I learned that there's no shame in accepting a helping hand once in a while"
"I've learned to give and receive love."

"I discovered joy in the world!"

"I began exploring the world around me, while still staying safe"
"I even got my own place! Hello independence day."
"I was ready to go out there and take on the world!" 
"Now I'm the CEO of my own company!" 
"My motto is: work hard..."
"... play hard!" 
CLoP: Wow Audrey, I can't thank you enough for that story of redemption and the triumph of the feline spirit!  You are an inspiration to all of us!  Now, do you mind if I scratch your tum?

A: DO I???!!!!??? (rolls over). 

(editors note: Dear Lindsay and Hayley, thank you for letting me project my issues onto your adorable kitty.  I don't really think she was traumatized.)


  1. This made my day.
    Ellie, your interview was adept and insightful!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it.

  3. So proud of my grandkitty!!!

  4. Aww that's my baby girl! Thank you for documenting her life so far Ellie. Perhaps she'll get the chance to skype with you from England next year and talk about her adventures there!

  5. amazing. you really probe the feline mind.