Tuesday, January 25, 2011

International Superstars

The Cat Lady of Parkdale rarely leaves Parkdale.  That's why it's lucky that my beautiful friends are world-class travellers and are good enough to share their international cat experiences with me, and therefore with you, dear reader.

Kerry Freek, one such beautiful friend and Co-Creator/Co-Editor of the New Yorker of Canadian Web Mags, Mondo Magazine, travelled to Serbia and Isreal in the Summer and Fall of 2009.

Dear reader, do take care to have your smelling salts at hand as these Cat Gods are truly swoon-worthy. 

"A curious guardian of graves wandered up to me in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives. Holy holy holy."

"This panting kitty in the blazing hot streets of Tel Aviv reminded me of a mythic god in feline form. 
Just look at that regal face."

"The tiniest, hungriest cats in Serbia hung out at Palić Lake. We fed some schnitzel to this guy and his friend -- they gobbled it up like they hadn't seen food in days. We were rewarded with very appreciative purrs and cuddles."

"Sleeping kitten high up on a wall in the Jevremovac Arboretum, Belgrade."
Thank you Kerry, for sharing your beautiful words and pictures.  These pictures made me so glad to be alive.  

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