Monday, January 24, 2011

More human than humans.

Shortly before xxxmas 2010, I won the cat-sitting jackpot and got to stay in an expansive luxury art-deco bachelorette pad in the heart of Parkdale with two beautiful, intellectually special cats.  Thank you to my co-worker Samm for letting me step inside her beautiful life for a week when she retired to Florida. 

Finn, Taz and I had a really nice time together.  I, doing my paint by numbers, (of course of a kit thru the window) and Finn intermittently meowling for more food and deeply sleeping in a fluffy warm pile of purring in a basket at the end of my adopted bed.

"Me want foooood and looooove!"

hahaha I put out sooo many bowls for them because I was always worried they would starve or thirst!  At one point there were eight bowls for two kitties!

The other kitten, the shy, graceful, silvery lilac petite bon bon with the big sea-green eyes enchanted me at once.  I felt her name, Taz, didn't suit her, and thought she should have some more dignified name, such as Grace or Mary. Then she warmed up to me.  Once she started getting pats from me, she couldn't get enough, and entered a drooling, purring, head-butting love frenzy.  She started sleeping in the bed with me at night, and would unexpectedly awake with a start and jump down to attack my slippers, then streak around the apartment like a bat out of hell.  I guess she is a little bit of a Spazmanian Devil - but she sure looks like a beautiful little ballerina. I guess looks can be decieving.

Taz with my troublesome slippers in a headlock.  The right one looks down for the count.

I love you Taz and Finn!  I'll never forget our time together.

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