Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Audrey Special.

I love “special” cats, as you already know. I think that a lifetime of being “special” myself has caused me to treasure the odd, malformed and differently-abled among us.

I happen to know a very special little kitty named Audrey. Audrey has cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a disorder found in cats and dogs in which the cerebellum is not completely developed at birth. Cerebellar hypoplasia causes jerky movements, tremors and generally uncoordinated movement. The animal often falls down and has trouble walking. Tremors increase when the animal is excited and subside when at ease. Cerebellar hypoplasia is also super cute.

Thankfully, Audrey was adopted by my dear friends and some of the best cat owners I know. She has been treated with dignity and gentleness, and been given a safe place to learn since birth, and so she doesn’t know that she’s got it any harder than other cats. She is a very happy little kitkat.

here is Audrey as a kitten drinking water like a hamster before she learned to stand up.  She even had her own crib!

Here is Audrey learning how to walk.  Slow down there, sweetie!  I remember my first beer too!

her disorder causes her to do very cute things, such as sit with her back legs out like this to help her balance. 
what a pretty little cornish hen!!!!
Audrey has grown up to become a freindly, frisky catty.
she can clean herself

she can eat with the other cats of the house

she can serve as a sundial.
she loves getting love from her momita.
she allows herself to be dressed up as a goth
she loves to play.
She is regal and dignified.

like all cats, she loves boxes.  Audrey rules the roost.
Thank you to Sarah - Audrey-owner, one of my best friends, and blog master at There is Limitless Joy.


  1. audrey!
    she's so excited about this expose, you should see the tremors.

    we're such proud parents!

  2. Oh, dear Audrey, you brought tears to the eyes of this cat very sweet, and a tale lovingly told, dear niece!

  3. Audrey and I have secret cat-human romance!

  4. i think i'm in love