Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tang? or Mikey? You decide.

Went into my favorite cat convenience store, Tang's Market, this weekend.  It's a family run store, and there was a nice little lass there playing around.  Their cat, whose name I by default consider to be Tang, was full of love and following me around the store as I collected my Diet Coke, weaving between my legs and mushing me any chance she got.

Then the little girl dropped an info-bomb on me - 1) Tang is a boy! 2) Tang's name is Mikey!!!!

Wearing a pink collar?  Flippin that gender script one kit at a time - I love it!!! Why did this Asian fam give kitty the whitest name ever?  But I kind of like it.  This cat is so brooding, so serious, so dignified.  Mikey is truly an un-dignified name.  But he doesn't pay no mind.

A day in the life of Mikey.

"It's no walk in the park running a business... such is life..."
"This top shelf is getting pretty sparse, but as you can see I always keep the most important shelves (below) fully stocked. But is my work appreciated by my family and the community at large?  Of course not!" 
"God, look at the price on that raisin bran... Marx must be rolling in his grave... Capitalism meow...."