Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pink nose

after Steph and I Ate Fresh (tm), we walked along Melbourne by this baby's house and even though it was blustering snowballs he ran up to see what we were saying.  WHAT A LOVER.

so happy.

I've wanted to get a pic of this sweety since I moved to Parkdale in aught-eight.  One of the first kitties to welcome me to the neighbourhood.  An extremely friendly and loving gent with a pretty pink nose!
Awwww!!!  You can tell from my face that's what I'm saying to him. If I had a pink nose and a white tipped tail I wouldn't care what Naomi Wolfe said about no Beauty Myth - I'd be making my mills in Vogue Italia as a cat model!!!


  1. I can hear the kyn language now....and that tail light is incredible! Another beauty.