Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sydney needs $!

Guess what?  There's a Parkdale kitty who needs your help!  

This is Sydney and this cute-heart kitty needs some seriously expensive surgery!

The wonderful thing about this great Cat-of-Parkdale-saving campaign is that you could get some seriously cool handmade things out of it!  

Cat owner Mel makes things and knows a lot of people who do too.  Mel has set up a page where Sydney-lovers are selling their hand-made wares to raise funds for the surgery.  Things being sold are zines, cd's, art, crafts, skills, etc!

My friend Sarah Pinder is selling her incredible zines, which are worth the very reasonable cost even without the added benny of helping a PCat in need, here!  Sydney needs the money by March 22nd!

Other things to buy, from Fimo teeth pins to tech work, are listed here.  There are few things more beautiful to me than a concerned cat mother quilting coasters to try to save her sweet Sydney. 

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