Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cat representations of some of the major ethnicities of Parkdale.

Steph and I tag-teamed on this one.  Check out cats representing for some of the major Parkdalian ethnicities!

Anthropomorphized Hungarian comic book cats and mice!  There's the one-eyed swindler, the glasses-wearing mummy-cat, some sort of flying samurai rat, a hot rat couple with weird smoke billowing up from their passion, the accusatory spinster (you just know she's not married!) cat, the business "fat cat",  teenage new-wave/greenpeace mice, the evil communist and the slutty blonde mouse (note her significant rack!).
Everyone's favorite ethnic group - the Tibetans! 
Parkdalian hipster cat reacts to shocking Grammy wins. YES hipsters are an ethnicity.
Parkdale Rastafarian Lion!  Everyting Irie!


  1. i'ma get you some real good jah love kittens!!!!

  2. I love that the hipster cat is wearing cat-eye glasses!

  3. WHOA! i've totally seen that hungarian cat cartoon! it's called "cat city" in english and it's really racy! it shows 2 mice having sex! haha i haven't that about that in years!

  4. *thought about that in years.. oops!