Friday, April 1, 2011

when first we faced and touching showed

When first we faced and touching showed
there stood how much our meeting owed
to other meetings, other loves

The decades of a different life
Belonged to others, lavished, lost
Nor could I hold you hard enough
To call my years of hunger strife
Back for your mouth to colonize

Admitted: and the pain is real
But when did love not try to change
The world back to itself – no cost
No past, no people else at all –

Only what meeting made us feel
So new, and gentle-sharp, and strange?

Pictures by Margaret Kwan, poetry by Phillip Larkin.


  1. This poem gave me goosebumps. That means it's reallllly good :)

  2. yes that poem is incredible!!!!! it definitely passes the goosebumps test. I love Phillip Larkin!