Friday, July 8, 2011

back in the habit

Hey y'all!  Sorry I've been absentia for a while.  Some crazy stuff went down, but cats haven't stopped being cute and that shit needs documenting, so check this out:  

Two friends jus' chillin' outside of a beautiful co-op on Elm Grove.  One is crazy in love and the other is a lil obese.

great paw positions on both.

This young whippersnapper has been featured in a previous post.  This guy just loves love and is super petite and cute.

Nothin' like petting two cats at once to soothe the bad hair and fashion day blues.  Obviously this pair is payin' no mind to the no loitering sign.

I'm slightly concerned for this guy - his face looks a little ravaged, wondering if he got beat up.  But he seems like someone's pet so hopefully they will cure him with love.


  1. Oh, my you look like your Mom in this picture. Beautiful!! Not to neglect the furlines, though!

  2. the orange cat is my cat his name is Otis, as for his eye curiosity didn't kill this cat, he is greatly loved by his family