Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barn Catzz blow the cute meter apart

Recently, award-winning Parkdalian photographer Jill Botting and charming cat-loving friends Shane and Jennifer visited a farm in Hagersville where they met some EXTREMELY adorable barn kits!  Make sure you have your handkerchief nearby before you look at these pictures, because they're going to make your mind explode.

Loving rural mommy with her charges.  Jill wanted me to warn my readers that she, Jenn and Shane literally lost brain cells from their cuteness.  Seriously dangerous levels of cuteness.  That's why these thoughtful kitties  live in remote locations away from humans, because they don't want to damage our brain waves with their extra high cuteness quotient! 

DAYUM, BILL!!!!  Stop being soooo cute!!!  This guy was given the name Bill the Brave and Badass Bill by Shane and Jenn respectively.  Obviously he's so brave to risk tangoing with that curly snake!

Tender little newborn tabby baby times a billion!!!

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