Thursday, March 10, 2011

Molson and the Six-Pack Paws.

There's a beautifully special cat that I came across whilst perusing/stalking the neighbourhood cats on Facebook. MOLSON is amazing. Not only is he named after the fine makers of one of my most favorite beverages (Canadian is the best, you snobs!), but he also has another little trait that i love so dearly - polydactylism!

This pretty Parkdale chap is packing a lot of punch in those powerful paws. Six toes never looked so sweet. Let's take a look back at the development of this special sweetie.

Oooh the face that launched a thousand ships.  Love the eyebrows!

Glamor shot!
growing into a little gentleman.  sick paws, bro.
You could tell just from looking at him that Molson would be a literary fellow.  Proud face!
Molson's paws come in handy for holding open his tomes.

"OMG!  Rochester already has a wife and she's living in the attic?!?!? WTF!"
As a book-lover, Molson stands in protest against the lesser medium of TV.  Can't you just imagine him raising his little paws at a protest rally?

Thank you Parkdale Cat Mommy Liang. 


  1. He has four-wheel drive! A soulful face, as well!

  2. d'awww! What a great post! I can never get tired of looking at that face. <3

    -Molson's mommy