Thursday, December 16, 2010


Parkdale + Cats + Books = Heaven.

The River Trading Company opened up in Parkdale this summer.  This was amazing in itself because I had previously been hauling ass to the Annex to buy my crumbling old paperback Agatha Christie's.  Books!

1418 Queen St. West
 I was dumbfounded with delight when I drunkenly stumbled past the new store one night and saw a pretty silver tabby baby sleeping on his princely pillow in the window.

I did a little research and found out that the owner of this store, David McGowan, took this stray sweetie in to live in the store, and named him Walter!
Some people say cats and dogs don't belong in retail stores due to potential customer allergies, but to those people I say : don't be dumb!  These angels are way more important than your sniffles!  If you can't take a Claritin, go to Chapters!

Steph and I went to visit Walter and found him cuddled up in all his Christmas glory!

 He just loves sleeping in his sleigh on his red quilt with his angry bonnetted baby and sweatered teddy!   

i've got squinty little eyes and a big furry head from my rough life on the streets until i got this sweet bookstore position. 

I love my baby.

Sickest xmas window display i've ever seen.

Happy Holidays Walter!  I hope Santa Claws brings you a big fat cat nip blunt and a can of wet food.


  1. If somebody found me and invited me to live in their store, I'd want to be rechristened Walter, too.

  2. I love this. I kind of want to take Audrey in to Bon Mot now...

  3. I've met Walter...he's very friendly and will rub against your leg whether you like it or not.

    - Philip

  4. That is such a beautiful story and the pics are great. I'm in love with Walter, and his new owner!!! So sweet.

  5. I was in Parkdale yesterday and saw this kitty sitting on some cushions in this store!!! We of course had to go in and the proprietor was so nice and gave us the story of how Walter adopted him. Super sweet. xo!