Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Real Life Garfield or, The More-To-Love Model.

Hi, I'm Bertie, and the one in the box is my sister Stella. Don't you just hate Mondays??

I'm big and she's small but we love each other. And we both love lasagna!!!!

I don't live with John Arbuckle, but with my dear parents Sarah and Sasha in Waterloo. They are best friends of the Cat Lady of Parkdale. 
Here's me with Sarah! Despite my girth I am very docile and allow myself to be costumed. Note little Stella in the background.
My Nermal is haunted.
Did you know that Garfield creator Jim Davis doesn't own a cat?  His castrating wife is allergic.


  1. my babies are famous!
    really looking forward to audrey's debut!

    love you so much duchess.

  2. oh wow! what a tribute! xo

  3. hahaha, thanks guys! I hope the Bertie/Audrey wars resolve themselves soon!!!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee. Bertie's really been hitting the bechamel sauce! He's amazing! I hope Jim Davis's castrating wife sees this and realizes what she's done.