Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We got ourselves a situation

Steph caught this group of kitties feeling romantic (aka in heat) on Valentine's Day.  I think this is the feline version of a swinger's club.

Hey you guys gonna be at Wicked tonight? 

Black on orange all the way.  CAT PARTY!  You guys are lucky it's valentine's day or I'd think you were pervos!

Anddddd I got a really cute Valentine from my special Valentine!

She knows what I likes.  In case you can't read it: "Hope you have a paws-itively pawesome valen-meows day".  Yep, she went there. 

PINK TRIANGLE COOKIES!!!!  Because we're gay!! She melted cinnamon hearts to create hot pink icing!!  I ate most of them. They were too good.
Thanks Lindsey!

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