Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Agile Like This

As many of my readers already know, the Cat Lady of Parkdale is one third of a three-piece R&B/Methcore outfit called Agile Like This.

The band consists of myself and two of my best friends (and platonic three-way life partners) Dan Schickerowsky and Caroline Wesley.

                 ah, our glory days.

As you may guess from what you know of my hobbies and interests, as well as what you can gleaned from the feline-centric band name, our break-out #1 smash single was all about... CATS!!! Cat Me if You Can was inspired by how cute it is when cats get into things or places that they're not supposed to be.  This adorable phenomenon was first popularized by greeting card companies, Grandma sweatshirts and desk calendars - but made infamous by us.  My dear internet buddy, Michael Mouris (aka Milkfat) from the City of Angels used his incredible video animation skills to whip us up a lil music vid featuring his kitkats Yoko and Zoomer getting into all sorts of places they shouldn't be in. 

Warning!  This video contains four letter words and pubes!

Skip to 163,294 views later, a media circus, sold-out arenas, mountains of white powdery gold, dizzying highs and  plummeting lows - until one dark day in 2007 we wake up to find ourselves sleeping in a hollowed out log on the muddy banks of the Wishkah, in what we hope is our own filth.   

You know, maybe show biz ain't for the delicate flowers among us.  But, oh! to be with my beautiful band mates performing again!

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