Thursday, February 10, 2011

On Eyebrows.

Perhaps because I have always had fairly significant eyebrows myself, I think prominent brows are incredibly cute/interesting/distinguished!  When eyebrows and cute animals are combined, it's a serious smorgasbord of greatness.  They don't occur naturally very often, as kits and dawgs have whiskers to keep dust out their pretty little eyes, so it's just a beautiful fluke of nature if they happen to have little eyebrow-shaped markings in the right places. 

LET ME BE CLEAR: Even though eyebrows on pets are incredibly cute, it is NOT acceptable to draw on eyebrows with any kind of marking device.  I know y'all 420 kids wanna get high and decorate the cat, but if you do and I see your candy ass in the streets I'll take you out. I might even hunt you down.  You've been warned. 

And now that we've gotten the threat portion out the way, I present to you... the eyebrow!

in beige

Japanese pets seem to be blessed with the eyebrow genes.  This lil dawgie is rocking a 20's gangster set.
Permanently surprised, so very appropriate for this beautiful little Japanois kittenette.
This gorgeous eyebrow-having catina is available at Toronto Cat Rescue!
Doggies are more blessed in the eyebrow department than cats.  Look at this peaceful giant, just chillin 24/7!
Hey guys, it's me! I get no respect!

Kelis kitten brings it.
It's easy to judge with eyebrows like this.
oooh, great scraggled brow whiskers on old man time here! 


  1. hahaha, i love how Google ad sense picks the ads to display based on my content! Because I was bringing the heat in this entry, it displayed
    "Fear No Man, Discover What The Martial Artists And The Army Don't Want You To Know"

  2. I can't believe that martial artists and the army would keep this from me!