Friday, May 13, 2011

Help find Joey Junior!

Dearest Readers, your help is needed...

Beloved bro of the cat lady and cat-owner extraordinaire Joey Blake is inconsolable over the flight of his newly acquired and beloved kitten Joey Junior. 

This white and tabby stunner ran away earlier this week in the College and Spadina area, and is sorely missed by his pep pep Joey Senior and cat-bro Charleston.  Please keep your eyes out for this little cutie and if you have any leads of his whereabouts or want to cheer him up with a wacky e-card, contact Joey the first at 

Concerned friend of both Joeys, Laura Harris, sent me the following info and photos of the missing one: 

Joey Sr adopted Joey Jr at a cat rescue agency in Toronto.  There were a few kits up for adoption but Joeys of a feather flock together, and Joey Sr knew this was the one.  

Joey is "a little sweetheart, who will happily cuddle up with you - given he's in the mood for it.  When he arrived home right after being adopted, Joey (the cat) was frighteningly thin and had a bad cold, but the caring administrations of food and medicine (via a syringe for the first week) by his loving owner ensured that Joey regained his health, and a few pounds in the process." - Laura

Charlie, Joey Sr's first catty and Joey Jr's new drug buddy, is seen below totally peaking on the 'cid he just dropped with his new best friend from the mean streets of TO. 

As you can see, poor Charlie is literally beside himself over the loss of his new pal (and, admittedly, a reliable drug source). 

Charlie's grief has even caused his feline bulimia to flare up again, just when years of intensive therapy had finally allowed him to accept his curves. 

Won't you please help reunite this homo love triangle today and relieve the distress of two gaymazing dudes by looking in your back alleys, your tool sheds, and your craig's lists for the beautiful Joey Jr?  


  1. Oh Ellie, thanks so much for posting these. They made me laugh and shed a tear for my feline Joey, I hope he wanders home soon to his lovely owner <3

  2. <3 <3 <3 thank you so much for your help L.